Please see the Calendar of Industry Events, including tradeshows LTA attends on your behalf.

ABA (American Bus Association)
2023: February 2-8 | Detroit, MI
2024: January 13-16 | Nashville, TN

The American Bus Association facilitates relationships between North America motor coach and tour companies and all related segments of the travel and supplier industries and promotes travel by motor coach to consumers. ABA represents approximately 1,000 motor coach and tour companies in the United States and Canada. Another 2,800 member organizations represent the travel and tourism industry and suppliers of bus products and services who work in partnership with the North American motor coach industry. LTA tour and travel manager will attend this conference on your behalf and meet with the tour operators, tour supplies and DMOs.

Select Traveler Conference (Bank Travel)
2023: March 27-29 | Branson, MO
Bank Travel is the nation's leading organization of Bank Loyalty Program Directors. Serving 3,000 banks and financial institutions nationwide with information on building and growing loyalty programs. Bank Clubs are generating the newest sales markets and creating opportunities for travel companies, destinations and suppliers that want new group sales. Market your business to the Bank Travel Directors who choose the southern states as 42 percent of their desired destinations. Target your business to the fastest growing travel segment by participating in LTA's Select Traveler conference pamphlet.

STS Domestic Showcase
2023: April 17-20 | Huntsville, AL
STS Domestic Showcase is the premier Marketplace event for the Southeast where tourism professionals gather for 2 days of networking and appointments with the goal of welcoming more visitors to the South. This regional appointment-style marketplace offers the most targeted opportunity for group tour organizers to meet face-to-face with Suppliers from the Southeast Tourism Society’s 13-state region and Washington, D.C.

AMA-SCMA-GMOA (Alabama Motor Coach Association, South Central Motor Coach Association, Georgia Motor Coach Association)
2023: TBD
To promote and improve the motor coach industry of Arkansas Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas through the collective efforts and activities of its members and to enhance the safety and image of motor coach travel in this four-state region. In addition, each of the four states will individually address local issues through direction of individual state committees established for such purpose.

SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association)
2023: August 18-22 | Winnipeg, MB Canada
2024: August 9-13 | New York, NY

The Student & Youth Travel Association is a non-profit, professional trade association formed in 1997. Members of SYTA include tour operators, attractions, convention & visitor bureaus, state/provincial offices of tourism, hotels/hostels, restaurants, theaters, transportation and other organizations involved in student and youth travel in North America. Target your business to the fastest growing travel segment by participating in LTA's SYTA conference pamphlet.

Southeast USA Spotlight
2023: July 10-12 | Mobile, AL
Southeast USA Spotlight represents a different way of doing business that emphasizes relationship-building and networking in a warm, friendly, casual atmosphere. They are committed to pursuing growth, education, and creative itinerary design while adhering to the “family spirit” for which we have become know and celebrated.

NTA Travel Exchange (National Tour Association)
2023: November 12-15 | Shreveport, LA
The National Tour Association is a trade organization of thousands of tourism professionals (tour operators and buyers), tour suppliers (sellers), DMOs (sellers) involved in the growth and development of the packaged travel industry. We are committed to providing business opportunities and professional education in an environment where our members can foster relationships with one another. LTA tour and travel manager will attend this conference on your behalf and meet with the tour operators, tour supplies and DMOs.

Going on Faith
2023: TBD
Going On Faith Conference (GOF) is an association of 3,000+ religious group travel planners. Travel Industry of America (TIA) reports that religious groups travels twice as often, on group package tours, than the population as a whole, and the GOF Conference is the 1st Choice these Religious Travel Planners and the Travel Industry. Attend our annual GOF Conference to increase travel skills and reach the travel groups from this vast and welcoming audience.