January - Annual Meeting

The 2024 LTLA class will be introduced to the industry during the LTA Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon.

February - Personal Leadership

Team building and an interactive examination of emotional intelligence. Class members will also receive group project assignments.

May - Advocacy

Learn how to be an advocate in your own community and understand the issues affecting the tourism entities in your area.

June - Product Development

Gain a better understanding of product development by learning what assets you need to build, what your product is, and if you have authenticity in your product.

July - Marketing

Understand the basics of marketing and learn how to sharpen your skills to successfully network with the tourism industry.

October - Leadership and Management

Enhance your leadership skills and learn how to apply them to maximize your job proficiency.

December - Group Project Presentations

Attend the LTA Board of Directors meeting and present your final group projects.

January 2025 - Annual Meeting

Class to be presented for graduation at the LTA Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon.