Councils & Committees


Be a spokesperson for your area, network with fellow members and help guide the direction of your association. Membership in these councils is open to the general LTA membership. Interested in serving on a committee? Reach out to the staff liason.

Advocacy Council
Members are proactive in the educational process of educating elected leaders by working with LTA staff leaders to establish 4-5 legislative priorities before the session. Help monitor legislation and get more members involved in grassroots advocacy efforts. Council meetings will be called as needed by the Chair.

  • Council Chair: Rebecca Blankenbaker
  • Staff Liason: Megan Ryburn

Development Council
Members are ambassadors of LTA helping to recruit new members, suggest educational opportunities, solicit sponsorships, engage potential corporate members, create networking opportunities for specific membership sects and connect young professionals with the association. Council meetings will be called as needed by the Chair.

  • Council Chair: Adrienne Breaux
  • Staff Liason: Laine Garner


Members of the Louisiana Travel Association’s standing committees are appointed by the chair and approved by the board of directors. These committees help direct staff activities.

Executive Committee
Led by the Chairman, the Executive Committee provides oversight to the President & CEO and directs the activities of the full board of directors. The committee members are the officers of the board and the Chairman Circle partner representatives. This committee meets approximately five times a year, prior to each meeting of the full board. Acts between board meetings on behalf of the organization.

  • Committee Chair: Ralph Ney
  • Staff Liason: Chris Landry

Finance Committee
Led by the Treasurer, the Finance Committee oversees the preparation of the annual budget and the performance of the association in meeting its budgeted revenues and expenses. This committee meets prior to each meeting of the full board. The committee members are asked to serve by the Chairman in consultation with the Treasurer. A minimum of five (5) members is required. The Executive Committee members are invited to each Finance call and have voting privileges and are counted toward a quorum. 

  • Committee Chair: Ralph Ney
  • Staff Liason: Chris Landry

Governance Committee
Led by the past board chairman, the Governance Committee is responsible for managing the duties of the board, including the implementation of new board policy, bylaw changes and board nomination. This committee meets as needed and is made up of past chairs willing to serve on the committee.

  • Committee Chair: Alana Cooper
  • Staff Liason: Chris Landry

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee assists in reviewing proposals and compiling final recommendations to the full board for the annual LTA Marketing Plan. This committee meets at least once a year.

  • Committee Chair: Katie Guasco
  • Staff Liason: Josie Evans

Events/Education Committee
The Events/Education Committee assists staff with planning of travel summits, Annual Meeting, Educational Events, and any additional assignments by the Chairman of the Association. This committee meets three times a year, typically via conference call.

  • Committee Chair: Stacy Brown
  • Staff Liason: Madeline Brown


DEI Committee
The DEI Task Force will work together, with the support of the LTA Board of Directors, to create and support initiatives that cultivate a tourism industry that represents a wide variety of individuals at every level of a destination organization as well as develops a pipeline to bring more diversity into our industry moving forward. Louisiana is truly our country’s most diverse state, and it is time that our industry becomes more reflective of that diversity.

  • Committee Chair: Timothy Bush
  • Staff Liason: Natalie Hutchinson
  • Denise Burrell, Louisiana River Parishes
  • Jeremy Cooker, New Orleans & Company
  • Gergia Craven, Sabine Parish TRC
  • Herman Fuselier, St. Landry Parish TC 
  • Nelson Gumm, AJR Media Group
  • Zondra Jones, St. Tammany Parish-LA Northshore
  • Adrienne Hennis, Advance Travel & Tourism
  • Jennifer Mamon, Experience Ruston
  • Andre Watkins, Louisiana River Parishes
  • Tamaria Williams, Visit Baton Rouge